Spray Tan Tips for a Natural Looking Tan

Why Use a Spray On Tan?

If you are anything like me, you probably crave a dark tan. But the truth is skin that is tanned is actually dead skin. A tan has always been seen as a sign of a health and vitality, especially in regions where the beach is more prominent. It is only in more recent times however that we have come to learn that too much exposure to the sun can dramatically increase the aging process of our skin, especially as we approach middle age. Sun exposure is also responsible for serious disease such as skin cancer.

Armed with this knowledge the so called healthy tan isn’t considered quite so healthy. But there are many of us who still prefer a natural looking bronze glow to our skin. While a tan in reality might not be the most health conscious decision (if tanning naturally using the sun) pale skin is also considered unhealthy as it conveys the opposite of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is there are spray on tan alternatives that are now almost impossible to spot when compared to a natural tan. Many of these products can now easily be used from the comfort of your own home. The so called healthy tan isn’t considered quite so healthy these days and for good reason.

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How Mold Exposure Can Impact on your Health

mold-on-ceilingOne of the biggest frustrations for a homeowner is discovering mold growing in their home. Exposure to mold over time can be a real concern from a health point of view. The solution to stopping mold from growing in your home is moisture control. Acting quickly to get it taken care of is essential. Many people are unaware that mold is growing in their home but may experience some exposure symptoms. Common allergy symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Congestion
  • Rashes
  • Respiratory problems

If leaving your home improves your allergy symptoms, you may have mold in your home.

If you do believe you have mold in your home you will need to contact a mold removal company or attempt to detect and remove the mold yourself. Be warned however there are risks with doing this and unless you know what you are doing it’s strongly recommended you engage a professional mold remediation company.

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Taking Care of your Teeth Organically

Many people are unaware of the correlation between poor dental hygiene and many common diseases. Keeping our teeth in good order is critical as germs and disease can spread throughout the body from the mouth.

Organic Toothpaste

Those who prefer to use organic products can use a non sulfate toothpaste such as Tom’s of Main SLS Free Toothpaste. SLS is responsible for the foaming action we see in toothpaste, shampoo and many soaps. Most people are unaware that SLS is also used in a number of industrial strength detergents and degreasers. SLS is also known as a leading cause of gum and scalp irritation.

The Correct Toothbrush

It’s also very important to know the best type of tooth brush you should use, a soft-bristled brush, with a small head is best suited in removing plaque and fragments from your teeth and able to reach all areas of the mouth. Also know the right toothpaste to use; nowadays there is an extensive range of toothpaste designed to suit the type of your teeth. Brushing your teeth with a tooth paste that contains fluoride at least once a day is one step towards preventing cavities as it helps get rid of plaque; a clear bacteria layer that coats the teeth. Use anti-tartar toothpastes to remove hardened plaque (tartar) from your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth (cavity or nerve inflammation) consult your dentist so that he/she advices you on the best tooth paste to use for sensitive teeth.

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Massage Therapy and Sleeping Disorders

massage-therapyWe know that a lack of sleep keeps the body from healing and providing the immune system time to recover. If you don’t fall asleep within a reasonable time frame, you will feel stress in a mental and physical sense. If an existing stress related condition causes sleep deprivation the actual sleeping disorder itself can become a bigger cause of stress and anxiety over the long term. It is a vicious cycle that unless treated properly can be on ongoing problem. It is far more effective to treat the cause of the stress than to simply take medication or treat the symptom which is the actual sleep disorder itself.

Instant Gratification, Long Term Dissatisfaction

Almost everything delivered instantly has the potential to cause stress. It sounds simplistic but this is because it is not natural. Society is riddled with the pursuit of instant gratification, anything ‘instant’ defies what nature has set time to finish. So no matter how advantageous it might seem, fast sleep solutions often hinder you from getting the quality sleep you need and simply mask the initial cause. If you want to fall asleep fast it is best to take a more natural approach that is sustainable.

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A Runner’s Checklist to Avoid Knee Injuries

Running is great exercise and it is has many mental and physical health benefits. Although most people feel like they can just start running at any time, it actually does not work like that. In order to prevent knee injuries and other accidents, you must do certain things before and after you run. Here are some tips about how to avoid knee injuries.


Buy Quality Running Shoes

Before you start running at all you should buy a quality pair of running shoes. Do not just visit a local shoe store and buy the pair that you like because they may not be appropriate for you. Find a specialty store for athletes and ask them to measure your feet and do an actual fitting. Ask the employees to recommend some shoes for your purpose and help them find the proper support for your feet. Many staff in specialty footwear stores will have the knowledge you require so be up front and explain where you are in terms of running e.g. how far you can run, any injuries or pain your have experienced and your long term fitness goals.

Try some specialist stores such as:

Warm up and Cool Down

If you aren’t stretching before your run you are really pushing your luck in terms of knee and hamstring injuries. Warm up and cool down exercises are vital because they help your body stretch and prepare for running. Do a few stretches before you begin and jog in place for a few minutes to loosen up the knee and increase your heart rate. When people bypass these types of exercises, it will put even more tension on your knees and possibly result in problems like a swollen knee.

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